Your appointment with Mistress Sabrina

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Please make sure that you fully understand the situation you are getting yourself into. When you book an appointment with Mistress Sabrina that is exactly who you get, if you want Miss Nicey Nice then go elsewhere and stop wasting my time.

New and first timers to the scene, no problem I am here to help with your Dominatrix fantasy and roleplay, but insubordination and backchat I won’t fucking have and you will be straight out the fucking door.

Mistress Sabrina caters for slaves, subs and sissys, not gormless fools who want to be ‘told what to do a bit’  I do what I do well, spending a lot of time and effort ensuring I have the right attire, attitude and equipment to fulfil your fantasy and if you can’t appreciate that, then it’s your fucking loss.

Real folk in the scene I hope will appreciate what I am saying, those playing or thinking of getting involved you are best advised to reasearch thoroughly on before making an appointment. From there you will see I am mild in comparison to some of the fantastic Dommes on the site, so think yourself lucky you got off as lightly as you did, with me.


Looking for a dirty TS slut?

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Mistress SabrinaI am looking for a TS who is prepared to join my willing male submissive sub and I in fantasy roleplay that will require full interaction between the two of you.

You must be prepared to give and receive your requirements and be able to fully perform with my male sub, who will do exactly as I tell him.

Your looks must be feminine, pre/post ops are fine, you must wear full make up and lingerie however I am not looking for the next Miss World. Any age is ok, height and weight are unimportant. You must be able to participate and hold your own court, be able to humiliate and use very bad language and behaviour. I’m not looking for shy retiring types, I want the full on dirty slut who will do anything, with anything as I wish.

If you think you could be my willing TS slut please email me with a picture or link to your profile with some info about yourself and any experience you might have. Keep it brief as I’m not looking to read tomes of your fantasy life either. There is room for more than one TS slut available so if you have some friends that might be interested, let them know too.

You can email me at Please note you must be available to visit in Buckinghamshire, all genuine enquiries will get a response.

Mistress Sabrina’s Telephone Domination

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For those that admire Mistress Sabrina from afar and for those whom simply couldn’t possibly make the grade in being within my divine company, you may now call me.

I have personally recorded a Mistress telephone line particularly for those very naughty school boys out there. Have you been a very naughty boy? I just know you have been misbehaving, you deserve a good spanking from Mistress Sabrina don’t you?

Call 09099 729 287 now for your correction and punishment.

Calls cost 100ppm mobiles calls may vary.

Maid Service

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With the lovely Spring weather I noticed my delightful boudoir was in need of a through Spring clean. So I set aside some time and organised myself with all sorts of domesticated items so I could get my place clean, shiny and spotless, and ready for my entertainment later that evening. So with music blaring and the balcony doors open, I set about my work. Soon enough I could hear gentle tapping, was it the door? Surely not, I wasn’t expecting any visitors until much later  so I carried on and whilst thinking about what fabulous outfit I would wear later that night.

There is someone at the door I thought, after I heard more tapping so off I went, still with rubber gloves on to see who it was. At my doorstep I found a nervous submissive wringing his hands with worry, so keen was he not to be late for the evening’s entertainment he turned up extra early, how annoying! I had to let him in and he could see my displeasure in his foolishness, why would I want you here early, I shouted? I noticed he kept staring at my rubber gloves when he thought I wasn’t looking, I poked him with my rubber clad finger, ‘do you like what you see?’ Yes Mistress was all but mumbled and then I noticed a tightening in his trousers. I was so annoyed I ordered him down to his knees’ to continue with the scrubbing and cleaning, leading him out onto the balcony so any passing walkers with their dogs could see what a pathetic creature I had with me, too. Only my bitch was in heat, and that would not do, at all.

With my gloves on I spanked him so hard, the rubber stinging his pale backside leaving firm red handprints in his buttocks. The sting was sharp, my arm rose high so I could administer the next slap even harder and faster. The poor thing moaned in agony but knew he could not ask me to stop, for what would I do to him if he did? He knew his fate was sealed when he turned up early, so he obediently bent over, boxers pulled down low and even spread his knees so my spanking could reach the most sensitive parts and cause more pain and distress. He was now marked and would not dare disobey me again for every movement he made now, he winced in pain as his stinging flesh reminded him what a fool he had been, to cross his Mistress.

To make matters worse for himself I decided to further his punishment by not allowing him to maid for the evening, a service he had paid to take part in too, oh well. I made him wait for his replacement, letting the new maid in then slammed the door in his face, I doubt he’ll make that mistake again. The evening ahead went brilliantly, but then, that is a story for another time.

Your Restraining Order

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Perusing the sex shops in Soho I can’t leave without buying something  naughty, exciting and new to try out with my willing and grateful submissives. Bondage rope, a simple enough item but this super soft, very long black cotton rope caught my eye and the soft silky velvet feel against my skin gave me goosebumps thinking about how I can restrain you from top to bottom, completely bound and tie you up in a bundle. I wouldn’t even need to tie you to anything secure, when I have finished wrapping the long lengthy cord all around your body you’ll perfectly restrained,  you will be gagged and subdued into a corner, fully exposed and ready for my will, my pleasure and your humiliation. Check back soon to see what other fetish items your Indian Dominatrix Sabrina has in store for you.

Shopping in High Heels

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Spiky Heels

What is it about high heels shoes that reduce grown men into gibbering fools? As you know I am always immaculately presented and my outfit would not be complete without some  fabulous footwear. Whilst going about my engagements I would not feel fully dressed if I didn’t have my high heel shoes on, and judging by the admiring glances I get thrown at me, it seems you approve.

What would it take for me to persuade you to show me how much you appreciate them? Would you crouch onto all fours and eagerly worship me from the delicate tips of my shiny spiky heels, and if I allow, upwards? I see you watching me nervously, I act oblivious to your staring but we both know I hold the key to what happens next, will it be your lucky day?

Shopping in high heels, what is more fun then shopping in gorgeous boutiques and buying beautiful trinkets to entice you with. A Mistress needs a good foot massage after such a glamorous day, do I have anyone that can give their Mistress the appropriate care and attention her delicate feet need? Mistress Sabrina ensures her feet look fabulous in and out of high heel shoes, regular pedicures with luxury products in the finest salons take care of that. Imagine how soft and silky they will feel whilst you are under them? Don’t prolong the suspense, I may get bored and leave you out in the cold, then you can watch my heels firmly walking away from you.

Your Indian Mistress

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Dominatrix Sabrina is a highly sought after Mistress who administer’s correction and punishment with the greatest  ease and without regret.
I know you have secret and dark desires that you dare not mention in your high profile life, during your with me I will ensure you know exactly who is the boss and I won’t let you forget it. Are you going to be my slave catering to my every whim? There is so much your Mistress has in store for you, this is only the beginning.

Should you wish a meet with your Mistress you may email your request in the first instance to and I will consider your proposal. Now, sadly for you, you may only admire from afar.